Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Worlds Apart by Kathleen Karr

Travel back in time 400 years when a group of colonists arrive in the Carolinas. As they make their way up from the beach, fifteen year-old Christopher West becomes aware of faces and movements among the trees. He realizes that they are not alone, but does not want to alarm his family, since the weapons have not been unloaded, yet. When the colonists and the Sewee finally meet the following day, Christopher sees a young brave, Asha-po, who looks about his own age. The two young men are drawn to each other. As they tentatively try to communicate with each other, a friendship is beginning to grow between them. Can the two young men overcome their cultural differences and truly share their innermost thoughts, while they spend a summer together roaming the forests and fields and beaches? This book brings you back to 1670, when two very different groups of people try to make a living in the Carolinas, and two young men try desperately to form a bridge of understanding and co-operation between them. Review by Trudy Walsh.

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