Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lucky Stars by Lucy Frank

This book is told in the alternating voices of two middle schoolers in New York City, both struggling with seemingly overwhelming personal problems. Kira has come to New York to visit her father, a musician who performs in the subways with his two young sons (Kira's half-brothers) since he quit his band. Jake hears Kira sing in the subway when he is cutting class to avoid having to give an oral report, something he does anything to avoid because he has a terrible stutter. Kira has been living with her grandmother in upstate New York, but decides to stay in the city with her father if he will agree to her conditions: no more singing in the subway, and he has to get a real job. The book is a little depressing, but the lives of the characters begin to improve as they become better friends, and by the end things are looking quite hopeful. Review by Stacy Church

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