Friday, January 20, 2006

What I Believe by Norma Fox Mazer

This is the latest book by Norma Fox Mazer, the author of many good books for older kids. The story is told in verse of all different kinds and journal entries (I'm not sure if the journal entries are in some free form kind of verse, or are just journal entries) and overall I found the format distracting. The story is really good though. The first page is "Memo to Myself," and the last line kind of sums up Vicki's mission throughout the book, "Try very hard to act normal." Vicki's family goes from living a very middle class life - nice house, good schools, friends - to being poor. Her father gets laid off from his job as an executive, and isn't able to find another job. They have to sell their house, move to an apt. in the city, change schools, and then, the worst thing happens. Vicki goes out to a fast food place with her new friend and sees her father working there. It's a quick read, so even if you don't like the format, it's worth reading. Review by Stacy Church