Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Defiance by Valerie Hobbs

Eleven-year-old Toby is looking forward to his summer vacation in the country. He imagines himself hiking and racing his bike down the hill. He also wants to learn to fish out on the lake. Then Toby discovers a new lump on his side. There is no way he will tell his parents, who would just return him straight to the children's hospital for further painful cancer treatments. Then Toby meets a spunky old woman who lives on a nearby farm with her cow, Blossom. Pearl helps Toby discover the beauty of life, and what is really important. As Toby tries to live in the moment and to enjoy this summer to the fullest, he also struggles with some important decisions about his own life and destiny. This is a very moving summer story filled with respect and love for all life. Review by Trudy Walsh.


genesis said...

i read this book and i thought it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutley lovv it

Anonymous said...

this a good book i had to read it for school but now i have to do a plot diagram on it can anyone help plzzzz!!!??????