Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Room With A Zoo by Jules Feiffer

More than anything else in the world, Julie wants a dog. A dog she can love, and who adores her. She is willing to be responsible for her dog. She promises to feed and walk him, but her parents have strict rules. Since they live in a city apartment, Julie has to wait a year and a half till she is old enough to walk the dog by herself in the city streets. Julie's passion for animals takes over her entire life as she begins to fill her room with cages and aquariums. She collects a sick cat, a hamster, a big ugly fish, six smaller fish that start to disappear, a turtle, a strong-minded kitten and an unresponsive hermit crab. As Julie tries to keep up taking care of her animals in one room, disaster strikes and animal chaos ensues. Will Julie ever be able to convince her parents that she can be responsible and take care of a dog -- her very own dog? Julie's hilarious story is told to us in her own convincing words by her author/illustrator father, Jules Feiffer. Review by Trudy Walsh.

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