Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time by Lisa Yee

This is a really fun book to read. It's a sequel to Millicent Min, Girl Genius. Stanford is pretty much the opposite of Millicent - he's terrible at school and is really good at basketball. He's a sort of hero at his middle school, because even though he's only going into 7th grade, he's been chosen for the "A" basketball team for the next year. He's going away to a high-powered basketball camp for the summer, too. But everything changes on the last day of school when Stanford finds out he flunked English, and he also finds out that unless he goes summer school he won't move on to 7th grade, and he can't play on any basketball team, not even the "B" team! Stanford's family is having some problems, too. His grandmother has been living with them and it's not working out really well, although Stanford likes it. His parents are fighting all the time; his father never seems to have time for any of them and is never satisfied with Stanford's efforts. Millicent comes back into the story when Stanford's parents arrange for her to tutor him, and of course they despise each other. This book is just as funny as Millicent Min, with lots of misunderstandings and warm-hearted characters. Review by Stacy Church

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