Saturday, October 02, 2010

Shug by Jenny Han

shug Annemarie Wilcox is twelve years old.  Her family has called her “Shug” ever since she was a baby.  Her Mama used to say to her, “You’re my sweet Shug, my little bowl of sugar.”  Annemarie doesn’t feel “sweet” anymore. Now that she has started junior high school, everything is changing around her, and she doesn’t like it one bit.  It upsets her that Mark, her best friend since they were five years old, would rather spend his time with the boys in her class.  Shug is noticing that all of a sudden she has feelings for Mark that she didn’t have before.  How can she get Mark to look at her, really “look” at her and notice her?  This is a wonderful book about a young girl growing up and dealing with the changes in her body and in her emotions.  As the story unfolds, we experience with Shug the passions and the pain of first love.  Annemarie Wilcox is a delightful twelve year old to get to know, in Shug by Jenny Han.  Review by Trudy Walsh

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