Thursday, September 30, 2010

Word after Word after Word by Patricia MacLachlan

word In this slim book Word after Word after Word, Newbery award winner Patricia MacLachlan introduces us to an inspiring author who is visiting a fourth grade class.  The children become aware of the power of words through the author’s unique approach to teaching about creative writing,   They are invited to experiment and even play with words.  As the children start the writing process, they discover that words can describe a place, transport us back or forward in time, and introduce us to interesting characters.  Patricia MacLachlan tells us that her book Word after Word after Word is somewhat biographical.  We certainly gain in insight into this author’s gift of choosing just the right words to express emotions, thoughts, truth and wisdom.  Word after Word after Word is a fast read, yet this small book opens up whole new worlds through the amazing power of words.  We gain an insight into how this author chooses her words so effectively.  Review by Trudy Walsh

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