Thursday, February 14, 2008

Larklight or, The Revenge of the White Spiders! or To Saturn's Rings and Back

Art Mumby and his sister Myrtle live on a space ship named Larklight, in the year...1851. In this alternate history tale, people have been traveling and living in space since the early 1700's. One day the Mumbys receive word that they will be receiving a visitor - who turns out to be an enormous white spider with a few hundred thousands of his friends. The spider's visit is not a friendly one, and while the children's father is captured, Art and Myrtle make their escape via a space-pod lifeboat. They hook up with a teen-aged space pirate and his alien crew, and their travels take them to the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. It soon becomes apparent that the spiders are trying to take over the universe, but they need the key to Larklight - and therefore Art and Myrtle - to do so. This humorous and adventurous tale will interest fans of fantasy, science-fiction and historical fiction, and the illustrations of the space ships and creatures are a plus. The author has created an interesting mix with this outer space adventure with Victorian age characters. The Mumbys' adventures continue in the sequel, Starcross. Review by Katie Corrigan

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