Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tackling Dad by Elizabeth Levy

I wasn't expecting much when I started this book - I'm not really interested in football - but once I started reading it I was hooked. The main character Cassie is 13 and she's always had a natural talent for football. Her dad was a football player through college and she's inherited his moves. She used to play peewee football, but when she got older and girls didn't play football, she switched to track. She still plays backyard football with her friend whose father is the coach of the middle school team. The coach recruits her and her friend Molly to try out for the team. Cassie's parents are separated and her mom is great, even though she's worried about Cassie getting hurt. You would think her father would be impressed when Cassie makes the team, but instead he's a real jerk about it. She has a tough time with her parents, her teammates, the other kids at school, and also with the physical pain that comes from playing tackle football, but she just won't give up. Good for her! Review by Stacy Church

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