Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Leon and the Champion Chip by Allen Kurzweil

This book is a sequel to a book that I love, Leon and the Spitting Image, in which a 4th grade teacher teaches only sewing in her class. This is disastrous for Leon, whose small motor skills are not up to par. Leon makes a doll that is an exact replica of his teacher and, through some lucky breaks, discovers how to use it to control the actions of their teacher. Of course the results are hilarious. In the sequel, Leon and his friends are trying to achieve the same kind of success with a doll (or action figure as the boys like to call it) that is the image of the class bully, Lumpkin. There's also a new science teacher who decides to teach his class using potato chips (Leon's other obsession) as the subject of every lesson. Through the scientific methods they learn in class, Leon and his cohorts try to solve the problem of the failure of the Lumpkin doll. I enjoyed the book. It's funny (although not as funny as the first book) and you learn a lot about science (not to mention potato chips), too! Review by Stacy Church

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