Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hurricane by Terry Trueman

This book is a fictional accounting of the devestation caused to one small town in Honduras in 1998 by Hurricane Mitch. Jose wakes up the morning after a terrible storm to find that every house in his village, except his own and one other, is gone, completely buried under mud. His father, sister, and older brother were away from home when the storm struck and haven't returned, and his dog ran off during the storm. 13-year-old Jose has to overcome his own fears and help find food, dig up dead bodies, and finally go on a journey to find medical help for his younger brother. I love the way the book conveys how unreal it must have seemed for Jose to wake up and find his whole village gone. The people who are left really pull together to make the best of things, and Jose's knowledge of English makes him an important helper for the military who finally come to help. The author, who has written some of my favorite young adult books, including Stuck in Neutral, adds a note at the end of the book detailing the effects of the hurricane on Honduras. Review by Stacy Church

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