Thursday, June 02, 2005

Guys Write for Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka

This is a great collection of short stories, mini-memoirs, poems, comics and illustrations. The list of contributors contains well-known authors, illustrators, journalists, etc., all of whom are male, sharing their thoughts and reminiscences of what it is to be a boy. The tales are lots of fun to read (many are laugh out loud funny). This is a great book for a trip or to take to the beach. Because each piece is just a few pages, you can pick up the book, read a few stories and then put it down and come back to it later. Several of the illustrators include drawings from when they were kids as well as recent ones, often of the same subject matter. It's a great book for girls too -- it may not help you to see eye to eye with that annoying older brother of yours, but it gives a small glimpse into what goes on inside his head. Review by Jane Malmberg.

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